Will CBD help my anxiety?

Is CBD Good for Me, or Will it Make Me Paranoid?

One of the most popular reasons people turn to CBD products is to find relief from anxiety. CBD acts on the brain to promote a calmer and happier mood.

A common concern people have is will CBD cause feelings of paranoia and worsen their anxiety? Given some experience this when they use marijuana has led to the misconception that CBD will also cause this.


Have no fear! We’re here to break down the facts for you:


Recent studies have shown that CBD can actually block the psychoactive effects THC may cause, such as paranoia, anxiety, and addictive behaviors. All Roma Leaf products contain 0% THC. This way, the healing properties of the plant are accessible without the psychoactive or potential side effects. 

In short, paranoia is not a common side effect of taking CBD. CBD has been found to help anxiety, not add to it. 

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, stress, or depression, Roma Leaf has an array of products to bring you relief, including oils, bath bombs, and, soon to launch, chocolates. Check out our product page to see which fits your needs best!