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Startup to Success

Follow Mariya as she shares her unfiltered journey of running a marketing agency and a health and wellness startup while gathering key insights and the best practices from some of today’s leaders in entrepreneurship.





“Rhonda's company, R & D Business Management, services startups and small companies as a CFO and raising capital for a clientele of primarily creatives, women, and queer people."
Rhonda Pitman,
Founder & CEO of
Business Management
“Recipient of several national & international professional honors, & winner of Steve Allen Excellence in Education Award and the prestigious ACBSP International Teacher of the Year Award. ”
Dr. Satinder Dhiman
Assoc. Dean, Chair, & Director at Woodbury Univ.
"Shea Curry's experience as a former designer led her to beat out thousands to become one of twelve contestants on LIFETIME’S Project Accessory from the producers of Project Runway."
Shea Curry
Founder and CEO of
Catch Social, & Co-Founder of Celeste Jewelry
“Kelly had over 500 media interviews (TV, radio, print and syndication) over 5 years for her first book about dating. She also teaches Digital Marketing at UCLA Extension, and is an autism advocate.”
Liz H Kelly,
Founder of Goody PR, Award-Winning Author




Join Mariya, CEO of a multi-million dollar marketing agency, on her journey as she shares the ups and downs of a new business venture post-pandemic while incorporating invaluable advice from successful business leaders along the way that listeners can incorporate into their current or future entrepreneurial objectives. Business leaders on general best practices to launch and scale a brand are invited.

How Brandie is trying to save the planet with actor Matthew Modine

Brandie Rossi is the Co-Founder and COO of BULK, with actor Matthew Modine. Although her main focus is BULK, she is also the President and Co-Founder of Pantry LA. Brandie is also involved in other projects like Vortex Tonic and Juice Bar in Sedona, which she just finished curating to open in September. Brandie Rossi hates labels and simply loves being an organic junkie trying to save the planet!


@thevortexcafe I @bulkclub I @rossilencollective I @b1rossi

How to navigate in the Fashion Industry with Valerie Hambas

A super exciting episode of Startup to Success featuring the lovely Valerie Humbas! Valerie offers 30 years of experience in the fashion industry. Starting in millinery and accessories, then moving into intimates and clothing, Valerie has been in both the manufacturing and sales and the design aspects of the business. I @ValerieHambasShowroom

Dive into the start-up of  Davana Law Firm with Mariam Kuregyan

Mariam Kuregyan launched Davana Law Firm in 2017 with her practices focusing on Personal Injury and Property Damage claims. Prior to launching Davana Law Firm, Ms. Kuregyan practiced law within a multi-billion dollar global film and production company owned by media entertainment, Viacom Inc. As part of the Worldwide Licensing and Distribution team at Paramount Pictures, she was instrumental in drafting and negotiating licensing and distribution agreements worldwide across all media platforms! I @davanalawfirm

Shea shares her journey in start-up in both the Jewelry and Social Media Industry

Shea Curry is the founder and CEO of Catch Social, a social media management company that works with both product and service-based businesses across the US. She’s also one of the owners of Celeste Jewelry, a premium moissanite jewelry company. Her experience as a former designer led her to become one of twelve contestants on LIFETIME’S Project Accessory from the producers of Project Runway.

Before launching her two companies, Shea spent years as an actress in film and TV with roles in Princess Diaries 2, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Las Vegas, etc.

Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist transformed her love for beauty and creativity into a full on way of  life

Having grown up in an artistically inspired atmosphere, Lusine has always had a knack for recognizing and illuminating beauty, and her first glam session was at the age of 12. However, after starting in the industry as a photoshoot coordinator for a record label, Lusine’s creative calling took over, and she decided to pursue her teenage infatuation -beauty!

Some of the known faces Lusine has glammed include Tamera Mowry, Gina Rodriguez, Victoria Justice, Kelly Osbourne, Nastia Liukin, Mariah Carey, Ashley Greene, Miley Cyrus, and Demy Lovato. She is an elite industry professional bringing beauty down to earth. I @makeupwithlusine

Narges shares all the benefits small business owners can get through SCORE

Narges Sandoval is the District Manager of the SCORE Los Angeles Chapter, helping small business communities grow and thrive through mentoring and education. SCORE has a network of 10K volunteers nationwide, helping thousands of startups and existing businesses reach their goals since 1964.

Rhonda is a CPA on call for Startups

Rhonda Pitman is an entrepreneur and a strategic advisor to other entrepreneurs.  She has a vast knowledge of leadership development, coaching, operational strategy, business & financial modeling and organizational design. 

She has been helping her clients understand finances on a deep level, build and manage operations, and develop products.

She is most passionate and proud of the clients she represents and advocates on behalf of: educating and elevating people of color, women and those who come from ‘non-traditional’ business backgrounds as she does, to learn and thrive in their ventures, feel empowered in their finances and make business decisions that reflect the world they want to create. I

Robert is a Food Industry Consultant and Lawyer

Robert is a sales and marketing executive in the food industry, with some experience in manufacturing and general business. This includes mergers and acquisitions. Although Robert practiced law for a few years he currently works as a consultant, primarily for food manufacturers and new product development, sales, and marketing.

Robert has great marketing and sales skills to help with general business organization and start-up problems and questions. 

From Corporate world, to tackling motherhood as an entrepreneur!

Christine found Yoga as the next logical evolution to a lifetime love of art, dance, and conscious movement. There are universal benefits to the meditative practices of yoga and art. In 2006 she owned her yoga and wellness studio ‘Blink to Light’ in the heart of Glendale. After twelve years of teaching yoga, she currently hosts monthly yoga retreats for her fellow mama friends and family. I @yogapeacelove

Jack Ochoa is a passionate educator, entrepreneur, and expert in learning and corporate development.

Jack Ochoa is a passionate educator, entrepreneur, and expert in learning and corporate development. Jack has been a Business and Community leader dedicated to supplying diversity and inclusion for more than 25 years. He has held various positions with top-tier Corporate and Small Business Associations, Minority Business Groups, and Education Outreach organizations across Southern California. In addition, Jack has extensive experience with numerous corporate and government buying policies and procedures for Small Business owners.

Under Jack’s leadership, key advocacy, civic, political, and community relationships, public policy, and corporate initiatives benefiting small businesses have been pursued and approved.  I @Infinitygpc_la


Meet Dr. Dhiman ! Associate Dean, Chair and Director of  MBA Program & Professor at Woodbury University’s School of Business

Professor Dhiman teaches courses on ethical leadership, sustainability, organizational behavior & strategy, and spirituality in the MBA program. He is also an author, co-author, editor of more than 35 books. His most recent books include Bhagavad Gita and LeadershipHolistic Leadership, and Gandhi and Leadership

Dhiman is the recipient of several national and international professional honors. In fact, Dhiman was awarded the Steve Allen Excellence in Education Award and the prestigious ACBSP International Teacher of the Year Award.

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