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Produced in the USA

From sourcing to packaging, we consistently use the finest ingredients and formulation techniques while prioritizing potency to deliver consistent CBD oil in every bottle.

That is our difference. 


Highest Quality Ingredients

Most CBD oils in the market use mainly olive or coconut (MCT) oil in their products. At Roma Leaf, we use a rich organic hemp seed oil base in all of our CBD products, which contain high omega fatty acids and proteins to deliver better and longer lasting results. 


Get Consistent Relief

We want to make sure each bottle you purchase provides the same relief as the one before it. Often, CBD oils can have varying effects depending on which batch you get a hold of.

At Roma Leaf, we test for consistency across our products like no other brand. Each bottle is made exactly the same to ensure optimal results every time


Transparency is Key

We make our lab results and ingredients available to our customers to ensure they know what they are purchasing. In many cases companies are not clear about what is in their product.

We are here to change that.


Pure & Potent

Our goal is to produce the purest product in the market. Our extraction process uses pressurized highest quality CO2 to pull CBD and other phytocannabinoids from the cannabis plant using specially crafted equipment. The cannabinoids produced are potent and free of chlorophyll and other chemicals. 


Simple is Better

Our products are formulated with only the purest ingredients and without the use of chemicals, fillers,  or unnecessary fluff. They contain only broad-spectrum hemp and USDA certified organic peppermint oil with Hemp seed oil and nothing else. 

You deserve this. 

It’s time to start adding relief to your routine. 

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